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Ban[edit source]


You banned my Ip address from your little aquarium wiki after I added a link to a Walstad article on my web site, claiming I was spamming…

THAT'S RATHER IDIOTIC SINCE YOU ALREADY HAVE FIVE LINKS TO MY WEB SITE THAT YOU PUT THERE YOURSELF. Problem is you fuckin moron is the links are no longer valid because the pages NO LONGER EXIST. I would have have deleted the broken links my self, but you banned me from the Wiki just because I added an additional link? What the hell is wrong with you?

Do yourself and hobbyists a favor and delete the broken links. And take the big long stick out of your ass.

Best regards

Robert Hudson

This is in reference to
Robert, please understand that there are a grand total of three of us who maintain this site, and we deal with many people trying to do various bad things on here. In order to deal with this we have tried many tactics, the most recent of which is the Special:Abuse Filter. This filter prevents new and unregistered users from adding new external links.
You managed to find a loop-hole in the system, you replaced existing links with new links and it didn't trigger the filter. I assumed that was malicious because of the nature of the links (see explanation below). After your e-mail I went back and checked and it turns out you never tired adding the links separately.
You replaced the following links
The first link is in fact a correction for a dead link, thank you for that. However the next two link replacements are inappropriate. For the second link, you replaced a link which is a little light on information, but has many good pictures. The third link you replaced a link to an active topic related forum with a link to your personal forum which has little activity yet.
This is link spamming. We do not mind user adding links to their sites as long as they are content relevant and common courtesy is followed. Replacing links to other sites, and putting your links at the top of lists is not OK.
The other admins on the site will be leaving their $0.02 shortly. I will lift the block, but please keep in mind what I have said. --Brian 22:14, 22 February 2011 (EST)

Hi Robert[edit source]

Hi Robert, Stuart Halliday here (aka Quatermass) I have to concur with Brian, your replacement of existing links was a tad naughty and putting in a link to a forum with zero postings raised a few flags with us. By all means correct dead links. I replaced the dead Diana link with one from Wayback Machine as I couldn't find a modern equivalent on the original site. But don't put in links going to sites with nothing in them!

I suggest you log into our site in future and use an account as it makes all the difference. We have to battle against anonymous hackers and spammers every day. No doubt due to the many tens of thousands of visitors we get every day. We hope you understand it was not anything personal.

--Quatermass 12:21, 27 February 2011 (EST)

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